Activity 10 – Shopping

Alternate senses contributing to this activity are: touch, hearing, and smell.

Assistive procedures helpful for maintaining this activity are:

  • Modifying or developing techniques.
  • Using high technology devices or software.

We will begin with:

Modifying or developing technique

Patronize smaller shops. They might be a little more expensive, but the staff is usually more helpful.

Shop at times of the day and week when the store is not so busy.

Consider going with a friend and making it a social event.

Look on the back of US currency. The numbers are bigger there.

Put receipts in little baggies to ensure that they don’t get lost in your purse or pocket.

Fold currency in different ways to indicate the values.

Practice identifying coins by feel. They are each unique.

Keep different values of currency in different compartments of your billfold for easy identification.

Use a debit or credit card instead of cash.

Buy clothes that are color-coordinated, but then mix and match.

Buy same-colored socks that can be matched easily.

Using high technology devices or software

Purchase a talking bar code identifier.

Purchase a talking color identifier.

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