Activity 17 – Responding to emergencies

Alternate senses contributing to this activity are: touch, hearing, smell, and taste.

Assistive procedures helpful for maintaining this activity are:

  • Labeling
  • Modifying or developing techniques
  • Using Braille
  • Using high technology devices or software
  • Modifying objects or environment
  • Using orientation and mobility skills

We will begin with:


Identify fire extinguishers, shut-off valves, etc. with tactile marks or Braille embossed stickers. You can make these yourself with a Hi-Marks pen or with a Braille label maker, both available from low vision dealers.

Modifying or developing techniques

Call for help immediately if there is the slightest possibility that you or your home is in danger. Don’t try to take care of dangerous situations yourself unless there is absolutely no help available. And then, remember that material possessions can be replaced. You can’t. So escape the personal danger as soon as possible.

Make a habit of listening to, and smelling, your environment. Your ears and nose are designed for warning you of potential problems or dangers, even while you are asleep.

Using high technology devices or software

Program 9-1-1 and other emergency numbers into your phone, or purchase a phone with voice recognition dialing. Keep the phone near you at all times.

Acquire a medical alert system, such as “Life Alert” or “Medic Alert”.

Modifying objects or environment

Place fire extinguishers within easy reach, especially in the kitchen, work area, and garage.

Purchase several ready-made first aid kits, and place them within easy reach in the kitchen, bathroom, and work area.

Using orientation and mobility skills

If you use a cane, keep it with you at all times. For this reason, folding canes are most convenient.

If you have a guide animal, trust it to help you in emergencies. That’s what it was trained for.

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