Activity 20 – Doing laundry

Alternate senses contributing to this activity are: touch, hearing, and smell.

Assistive procedures helpful for maintaining this activity are:

  • Labeling
  • Modifying or developing techniques
  • Using Braille
  • Using high technology devices or software
  • Modifying objects or environment.

We will begin with:


Mark your washer and dryer controls with tactile stickers or Braille dots. “Hi-Marks” is a three-dimensional plastic liquid in pen form created for this purpose. Marks may be applied in Braille or any coding system of dots or lines.

Mark chemicals, iron settings, and laundry baskets in the same way.

Modifying or developing techniques

To keep socks together from washer to dryer to drawers, use safety pins. Or, buy “sock aids” or “sock locks” from a low vision dealer.

Place socks in a mesh bag for washing all together.
Drag your laundry in a bag. It’s easier and safer than carrying.

Remove clothes from the dryer as soon as possible and hang them to avoid ironing. This will work for most materials. Don’t buy clothing made of material that wrinkles easily.

Purchase pre-measured packets and tablets of laundry soap, softener, and bleach.

Using high technology devices or software

Yes, there are some high-tech washing machines and dryers that might make life easier. They may even come out with voice activated models, but the money you save by not buying them will afford you a lot of laundry service delivered right to your door.

Modifying objects or environment

Use a sectional laundry sorter to keep whites and colors apart from the time you remove them.

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