Activity 4 – Moving about the home (functional mobility)

The alternate sense contributing to this activity is: touch.

Assistive procedures helpful for maintaining this activity are:

  • Modifying or developing techniques
  • Modifying objects or environment.
  • Using orientation and mobility skills

We will begin with:

Modifying or developing technique

When approaching an entryway without a cane, use the back of your hand to guide yourself through. This could prevent you from hurting your fingers.

When moving from one place to another, a basket is good for keeping necessary items handy.

Modifying objects or environment

Key all door locks identically so you need only one key to get in and out. Give a second key to a trusted person nearby.

Be simple and consistent with types of window coverings for ease of closing.

Keep entry doors and shuttered windows fully open or closed, and keep all cabinet doors and drawers closed when not in use. If in doubt, assume a “defensive posture,” with one arm extended and fingers turned toward you.

Using orientation and mobility skills

Learn cane or animal guide training from an orientation and mobility, or “O & M” specialist. Skills such as safe street crossings, negotiating stairs and curbs, and utilizing public transportation would be learned. Cane use is also important for familiarizing yourself with new environments and moving safely about your home and property.

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