Activity 6 – Managing Personal Finances

Alternate senses contributing to this activity are: touch & hearing.

Assistive procedures helpful for maintaining this activity are:

  • Modifying or developing techniques.
  • Using Braille.
  • Using high technology devices or software.
  • Modifying objects or environment.
  • Utilizing a public service.
  • Using low vision materials and non-optical devices or equipment.

We will begin with:

Modifying or developing techniques

Give a copy of all documents and bank cards to a friend or family member in case you lose yours.

When dealing with your bank, phone first, and make an appointment with the same person every time.

Using Braille

Braille checks and stickers for checks are available, as are Braille check registers and deposit slips.

Using high technology devices or software

Several accessible software programs can be purchased to help with personal finances.

Modifying objects or environment

To fill out checks, make a template from heavy paper, plastic, or cardboard. Cut it to the size of the check and cut out where you need to write. Such templates can also be purchased from low vision dealers.

Utilizing a public service

Sign up for automatic bill payment.

Pay bills and conduct bank business by phone or Internet.

Using low vision materials and non-optical devices or equipment

Purchase a talking calculator.

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