Activity 8 – Cleaning the house

Alternate senses contributing to this activity are: touch and hearing.

Assistive procedures helpful for maintaining this activity are:

  • Modifying or developing techniques.
  • Modifying objects or environment.

We will begin with:

Modifying or developing techniques

To avoid accidents and frustration, give yourself the gift of time.

Hang a sign reminding anyone who moves something to replace it to its original location. Consistency is critical to both safety and sanity.

Keep a dust mop or “Swiffer” handy in the kitchen to swipe over the floor before and after meals. Wash it or change it often.

Put cleaning supplies in a bucket to carry from room to room.

Use a feather duster for small objects.

To vacuum a carpet or wash a surface efficiently, mentally divide the area into sections, and clean one section at a time.

Put the cleanser on the applicator, rather than on the surface to be cleaned.

Buy lots of bins, baskets, and boxes. Label them with tactile stickers, Hi-Marks or Puff Paint.

Use a different container for each category of items:

  • Receipts.
  • Office supplies.
  • Personal papers.
  • Magazines.
  • Computer supplies.
  • Bridge game supplies, such as a light, an extension cord, large playing cards, tissues, money, and other necessities.
  • Membership cards.
  • Instructions, padlock and shoes for exercise class.
  • Toys and books for going to “quiet ” places with a child.
  • Extra house keys.
  • Things to do while sitting and waiting, such as needlework, an audio book player, and earphones.

Modifying objects or environment

Remove scatter rugs and loose carpets. If you have a favorite rug with a design you just love, hang it on the wall for decoration.

Avoid clutter by getting rid of things you don’t use. This applies especially to under the sink and in medicine cabinets.

The same goes for decorative items. Keep those that are more tactile than visual.

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