How to Use This Workbook

Your eyes may tire using this workbook, so rest often:

Work / Rest / Work / Rest

If you work just 10 – 15 minutes a day with this book, on and off, you will start to learn new visual habits.

You may also prefer to have a friend or family member read aloud the part of the text that provides learning information, and then view the text yourself only when visual exercises are presented.

Another option is to have your computer read the text to you. Nearly all computers have this option, which can be activated in the “Accessibility” section of your control panel. Other commercial programs are also available that read displayed text aloud. Some are simple-to-use and available for free without trial expiration dates. Check with a low vision rehabilitation specialist for more information.

If you are viewing the printed version of this book, you may want to put it on a reading stand, music stand or clipboard so that it is in front of your face at your best reading distance, and at a good reading angle. Try to sit up straight as you read.

If you are viewing this book on a computer monitor, you will need to download and print the worksheets.

  • This workbook uses short, simple words. It does this so you can read more quickly, with less effort.
  • Read this book again to re-learn and practice new visual skills, especially if your vision changes.
  • It helps to use new visual skills each day or you may start to lose them.


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