Lesson 1: Seeing Objects

1. Find a coffee mug with writing or a picture on it for this first lesson.

2. Place it on a table in front of you, a full arm’s distance away.

3. Do you need to adjust the lighting, or put a placemat of a different color under the mug so that it does not blend into the background?

4. Cup your hand over the eye with less vision. Does the mug seem more clear? If so, block this eye when you need to see more clearly.

5. Do any blank or dim spots in your field of vision block the mug? The blank spots will move as you move your eye. If you move your gaze up, any spots will also move up.

6. Watch the mug as you move your gaze up, down, to the left and to the right of the mug. Does the mug appear more clear when your eye is in a certain position? You are trying to avoid the blank or dim areas of vision, and find the clearest area.

7. Try to remember where you need to look to see the mug as clearly as possible.

8. Hold the mug about 10 inches from your face and repeat steps 3 – 6 looking through your reading glasses.


Instead of a mug, use a plate of food as your target. Your knife and fork, or your fingers will help guide your line of sight.

Look at a person’s face from 4 feet away, then 2 feet away (or look at your own face in a large mirror, 1 foot and 2 feet away from the mirror). Where do you need to look to make the face as clear as possible?

Try to find your best eye position for watching TV. Sit 6 feet away, 4 feet away and 2 feet away. When you sit 2 feet away, sit to the left or right side of the TV. Do you see better sitting on the left or on the right? Sitting to one side also makes moving objects on the TV appear to move less, to decrease the chance of motion sickness when you sit close.

Try moving your gaze from object to object in your living room.

Try moving your gaze to find and follow a walking person, a car or a low-flying airplane or helicopter.


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