Lesson 3: Writing

Writing is a very useful skill. Also, because the sense of touch works with vision when writing, each sense helps the other work. This lesson has drills to help improve writing skills.

As you do the drills, use a pen that has a bold line. When writing large print, use something similar to a Sanford brand “20/20” or “Sharpie” pen. These make a thick, black line. If you use a Sharpie, a blank page under the writing page will blot the ink. When you need a thinner line, use a medium-point, nylon-tip pen.

If you see better when you are up close, put pillows or phone books below your writing surface, to raise it nearer to your face, or use a clip board or music stand to raise your task up to your face.


Write a fake grocery list. Write it big, and then try to read it later.

Write a note to someone. Ask the person if the note can be read. Keep writing notes until people are able to read them.

Ask your bank about large-print checks. Most banks have them. Your bank can order large-print checks for you by calling Deluxe Check Printing Company at 800-335-8931, and asking for “Guideline Checks.”

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