June 3, 2015

ACB Radio Features News About LowViz Guide


ACB Radio Features News About LowViz Guide

This coming Friday, June 5, ACB Radio will bring latest news from the world of technology. David Tanner and the production team will feature a vast variety of demonstrations and interviews, including a discussion with Dan Roberts, creator of the new indoor wayfinding app, LowViz Guide. The show begins at 9:00 PM (EDT).
ACB Radio Mainstream is known as the Talk of the Blind Community. Provided online by the American Council of the Blind, Mainstream brings content from the International Association of Audio Information Services, as well as many other talk shows ranging from cooking to technology such as ACB Radio’s number one technology show Main Menu.
To access Friday’s show and many other programs of special interest to blind and low vision listeners, follow the link at ACB Radio Mainstream.

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