February 15, 2017

Another Anti-VEGF Drug Falls Short


Another Anti-VEGF Drug Falls Short

by Dan Roberts
We announced here in December 2016 that Fovista, Ophthotech’s once-promising experimental drug for treatment of wet macular degeneration, failed to show positive results in Phase 3 trials, resulting in a discontinuance of the research.
Now, Ohr Pharmaceuticals has announced temporary suspension of a clinical study for its drug candidate, Squalamine, an eye drop formulation which was also raising hopes as a treatment for wet macular degeneration. Patients currently enrolled in the study will continue to receive the therapy, but the trial is no longer recruiting. Ohr Pharmaceuticals is still confident in the potential of Squalamine therapy, and the company emphasizes that the suspension is not due to safety issues.
Considering the importance of both of these treatments, the year has not begun well for anti-VEGF research. Still, much is being done in the field to find ways of increasing the effectiveness of current treatments and lessening the burden of care. For continually updated information about ongoing research, see Antiangiogenic Drugs Are Stopping Neovascularization in Wet Macular Degeneration on this site.

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