November 19, 2018

Support the Vision Bill of Rights


Support the Vision Bill of Rights

Diabetes can lead to complications resulting in partial or complete vision loss.

The Vision Bill of Rights is a global initiative raising awareness about protecting the vision of the 425 million people worldwide who are living with diabetes. Created by 18 diabetes and low vision advocacy groups around the world, the Vision Bill of Rights has reached more than 118,00 people worldwide. The goal is to reach 200,000 by the end of 2018.

Every person living with diabetes should have access to the resources and treatments that best protect their eye health. Please join Prevent Blindness and MD Support in helping people with diabetes by adding your name to the bill at www.visionbillofrights.

Your signature will be an easy way to give an important holiday gift this year.

We offer resources and free materials for those living with low vision.

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