April 1, 2020

What about eye appointments during quarantine?


What about eye appointments during quarantine?

Many doctors are restricting clinic visits to urgent or emergent problems during the coronavirus pandemic. Are anti-VEGF injections considered urgent? What qualifies as an emergency? Should I let my eye physician know if I am showing symptoms of COVID-19? I’m in a clinical trial. Should I continue to participate?

In addition, remember that “social distancing” doesn’t mean isolation from Internet groups and phone conversations. Such activities are now more important than ever to maintaining good mental and emotional health. Such opportunities include:

Facebook Groups (web social groups)

Hadley Discussion Groups.  

MDList (email discussion group)

MDForum (web message board)

Connect Well (telephone groups): Call (877) 797-7299 or email

TeleSupport (telephone group): Call (888) 866-6148 or email

Let’s not let anything like a worldwide global pandemic get in the way of living the best life possible with low vision!

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