April 19, 2020

More Ideas For Keeping Busy


More Ideas For Keeping Busy

In March, we posted an article which suggested ways to keep busy in spite of low vision. As we continue through another month of mass quarantine, here are more suggestions contributed by an especially thoughtful reader in response to that article.

  1. Learn a language. Duolingo, a method used in the school system, can be downloaded from the Internet.
  2. Get outdoors. In order to maintain social distancing, go to places that are not occupied by many others.
  3. Put on some music, and dance.
  4. Prepare a special meal, and dine in as if you’re dining out.
  5. Plan your next trip.
  6. Order a craft kit from Amazon.
  7. Broaden your mind. “The Great Courses” comes in a variety of formats on numerous subjects.
  8. This is a good time to introduce fully sighted friends to strategies we practice every day. For example, they may not know of how to arrange for grocery pick up.
  9. Call someone. Especially those who have had busy lives and are now isolated themselves.
  10. Give parents a break by chatting or playing games with their children through FaceTime or Zoom. Or have them give you a concert of their music pieces.
  11. Volunteer as an online teacher or tutor.
  12. Learn how to meditate.

Our thanks to Sharon Noseworthy for these excellent additions to our collection. And finally, this thought from another reader, Jean Gould:

“I think it might make sense to also remind people of what they already have at hand—especially nature and the outdoors. Just now, the blessings of spring surround us: longer days, crisp air, new fragrances. Even the simple aftermath of spring rain can be joyful and doesn’t require ‘keeping busy’, just being aware.”

Dan Roberts, Editor-in-Chief
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