Individually control link frequencies according to your needs


With this feature, you can actively control link frequencies. You can limit the maximum number of links built, or allow multiple linking of the same destination URL from the same content.

These settings can be found in the Internal Link Juicer settings under the “Content” tab.

Overall, you have the following options available, which cover all use cases:

  • Set the “maximum number of links per post” within a single content. With the value “0,” you link all possible keywords.
  • Set the “maximum frequency per post” of how much a post can link to a single destination URL. Here, the value “0” also allows linking the maximum destination URLs, even if they are identical.
  • Check the “link as often as possible” box. If you activate this setting, there will be no consideration for the maximum number of links or maximum frequency of identical target URLs. Wherever a link is possible, this setting will create a link.

Watch the video and you will see this feature demonstrated in depth.

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