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This site offers up-to-date information and free materials for people living with low vision.

If you are also looking for personal support and contact with others who share your challenges and experiences, please visit our partners at Macular Degeneration Support.

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  • “These are the most valuable publications a patient can have to navigate and transition into a successful low vision world.”

    • Liz Trauernicht, President, MD Foundation
  • “The booklets and CDs are WONDERFUL! They are going to tremendously help me help my patients.”

    • Karen Winegardner, COTA, LMT
  • “Thank you for providing such a wonderful and free service to assist those in need.”

    • Cornerstone Eye Care, High Point NC
  • "I wonder if you are aware of the great benefit you have provided others with vision problems. You have supplied information and hope in so many areas. Please keep it up."

    • Marie Miller, Patient
  • "A mass of well-organized information...fine resource for news, updates and answers to specific queries." (Jean)

    • Jean Lord, Patient

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Latest News

  • March 27, 2019

    Oral Treatment for Wet AMD Shows Promise

    Alkahest Inc. has reported that AKST4290, an oral medication for treatment of wet AMD, was shown in trials to be safe, effective, and “extremely promising”. Speaking at the 2019 Retina World Congress, Michael Stewart, MD (Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville), reported that 83% of subjects’ eyes had improved acuity of a mean 7+ letters, and 21% gained […]

  • March 18, 2019

    New Eye Scan Can Detect Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

    Eye exams may soon serve a larger purpose than detecting vision changes. Because the retina is an extension of the brain and shares many similarities with the brain, researchers believe that the deterioration in the retina may mirror the changes going on in the blood vessels in the brain, thereby offering a window into the […]

  • March 16, 2019

    Announcing “Lookout” AI App for Android

    Google has created a new Android app to help the visually impaired. Similar to Microsoft’s Seeing AI for Apple devices, the application, named Lookout, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify objects, read text, scan barcodes, and identify currencies. It is available to download though only for Google’s Pixel devices in the U.S. at this time. It is not clear […]

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