Loss of Confidence

A Message to the AMD Community from Dan Roberts 1998 I have experienced a symptom of vision loss, and I wonder if anyone else can relate to it. It is not physical, and it is not emotional. This is a much more subtle psychological symptom which seems to lurk in the background and affect nearly [Read More]

Growing Up With Vision Loss

by Sharon Chism I am going to attempt to tell my story of growing up with vision loss. I have no idea if mine is typical for those with a juvenile form of retinal degeneration but I hope that it is helpful, nevertheless. I am the oldest of four children, three of which have what [Read More]

Former Driver Retired With Honor

by Dan Roberts Dear Driver’s License Inspector, Yesterday you granted me the privilege of driving for another six years. Because I could read the largest line of numbers with my one remaining eye under perfect lighting conditions, you determined that my vision was good enough to allow me behind the wheel. But do you know [Read More]