Travels With Charlie

About the Author Travel Companions Why Travel? Mobility Let’s Go For a Walk Vision and Seeing Let Your Ears Be Your Eyes A Computer and You The Final Journey, Part 1 The Final Journey, Part 2 Friends, Neighbors, and Relations: Alternative Sources for Transportation About the Author Charlie Zell was president of the Organization of Macular [Read More]

Musings on Growing Old

by Dan Roberts I’ve become an absent-minded, decrepit, sleep-deprived, unfit, anti-social, wrinkled image of my former self. For one thing, I’m forgetting words mid-sentence.  My listeners usually suggest a few words until either they either lose interest or hit upon a good substitute, at which time I forget what I was talking about anyway. Then [Read More]

Doomed Dreams

There I am, running on a field Touching three bases and arriving home Hearing the fans celebrate And the singing truck giving away ice cream cones My family and friends smiling at their All-star, so very proud After nine innings, I head to Buck Boone Road Things like this, I could never give up There [Read More]