A Beautiful Place To Be

by Tabby Among cherished hobbies and interests, I hold particularly dear my ability to make people’s heads vanish. I intend this statement in the least metaphorical sense possible, because encroaching blindness has given me superpowers. With a simple redirection of my blind spots, a stained shirt is rendered clean; a dinner bill is reduced by [Read More]

The 5 Stages of MD Grief

by Irving Faust Denial Fear, Loss No! Never! Impossible! This Cannot Be Happening Help! Anger Rage, Fury Screaming, Crying, Cringing I Am So Frightened Depression Negotiation Bargain, Plead Begging, Dealing, Promising, What Can I Do? Compromise Resignation Helpless, Hopeless Acquiescing, Surrendering, Yielding I Can Do Nothing Submission Acceptance Confirmation, Approval Acknowledging, Agreeing, Understanding Life Continues [Read More]

A Beautiful Day

The day started out rotten. I overslept and was late for work. Everything that happened at the office contributed to my nervous frenzy. By the time I reached the bus stop for my homeward trip, my stomach was one big knot. As usual, the bus was late – and jammed. I had to stand in [Read More]

Thoughts For The Night

by Sharon Chism For every star left dim a universe of courage has been lit. For every knowing glance that’s missed, a heart of insight enjoyed. Each temptation of independence thwarted a freedom given, uncorrupted. And for every tear that’s shed, a well of compassion filled. The isolation of faceless crowds calls the deep ache [Read More]