Prevent Blindness List of Lists

by Dan Roberts
Editor-in-Chief, Prevent Blindness

I was looking through our Prevent Blindness online library today and realized how many “listicles” there are. Listicles are articles formatted into lists, which old-school journalists say are rotting our brains. I should worry about that, but I enjoy reading and writing them, so I’ll take my chances.

I like lists for three reasons:

1. They’re organized
2. They’re concise
3. They’re easy to remember

I’m most fond of numbered lists, because they’re unlimited, and they let me feel like I’m getting somewhere.
So if you’re a list lover like me, here are all of the listicles in our library. Happy reading!

4 Elements Of Success For The Visually Impaired
4 Patient Rights
4 Steps Toward Low Vision Rehabilitation
7 Things You Should Know About Omega-3
8 Assistive Procedures For The Visually Impaired
8 Ways To Slow AMD
10 Basic Courtesies For The Centrally Blind
10 Things To Know About Multivitamins
11 Questions To Ask Your Doctor
12 Helpful Hints For Caring For The Visually Impaired
13 Risk Factors For AMD
15 Tips For Family And Friends
20 Things Eye Doctors Probably Don’t Tell You (But Would Like You To Know)
25 Ways To See
27 Ways To Keep Busy
30 Cope-ability Strengths
30 Steps To Acquiring Free Directory Assistance, page 65 (humor)
81 Independent Activities Of Daily Living

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