April 16, 2020

An Alternative to In-Person Support Group Meetings During Covid-19


An Alternative to In-Person Support Group Meetings During Covid-19

Support groups for people with blindness and low vision are important monthly events in hundreds of senior centers, clinics, retirement communities, and other venues for older adults. Recent public health concerns, however, are causing worries about attendance at these gatherings.

MD Support has announced that its telephone support group, TeleSupport, is welcoming guest callers during this time of concern about viral contamination. Dan Roberts, moderator of the 45-minute monthly sessions, said, “In-person human interaction is the best kind of social experience for our low vision community, but phone conversation among people who are hundreds of miles apart is an excellent option right now.”

TeleSupport is a free year-round program begun in 2008 for low vision seniors in the United States who have no easy access to the Internet or who cannot attend an in-person support group. A session typically includes a brief update on recent research and developments, followed by listening to and discussing recorded presentations by doctors, researchers, educators, and motivational speakers.

The next phone conference takes place on Thursday, May 21, at a choice of three different times. The recorded topic will be “What’s New in Low Vision Technology?”– an update on latest devices, software, and applications. It will be followed by a discussion of how low vision specialists can help patients utilize remaining vision to its fullest potential through technology.

For information about times and numbers to call, select this link or call toll-free (888) 866-6148.

TeleSupport is made possible by an educational grant from Genentech pharmaceutical company.

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