Growing Up With Vision Loss

by Sharon Chism I am going to attempt to tell my story of growing up with vision loss. I have no idea if mine is typical for those with a juvenile form of retinal degeneration but I hope that it is helpful, nevertheless. I am the oldest of four children, three of which have what [Read More]

Former Driver Retired With Honor

by Dan Roberts Dear Driver’s License Inspector, Yesterday you granted me the privilege of driving for another six years. Because I could read the largest line of numbers with my one remaining eye under perfect lighting conditions, you determined that my vision was good enough to allow me behind the wheel. But do you know [Read More]

Finding My Stride

By: Kimber Lee Empson As told to: Dan Roberts, Founding Director Macular Degeneration Support Sixteen-year-old Kimber Lee was diagnosed with Stargardt disease at the age of eleven. Now preparing to enter college, she tells about living with visual impairment through her important formative years as a teenager. With uncommon candor, she relates her feelings, her [Read More]


by Sharon Noseworthy This dramatic essay was written by Sharon soon after her diagnosis of macular degeneration. It is representative of the initial stage of grief which many people enter upon hearing that they are losing their vision, and it is published here with her permission so that others may realize that they are not [Read More]