Opportunity to Participate in Paid Geographic Atrophy Study

Global Perspectives is  looking for people with advanced dry AMD (age-related macular degeneration), also known as geographic atrophy (GA).  The purpose of this study is to understand patients’ views and preferences related to treatments for geographic atrophy including some that are in development.

No treatments will be administered in this study, as only opinions are sought. Participants will be invited to a 40-minute virtually moderated online survey and will be compensated $75 for completing the survey. In order to ensure that all people with advanced dry AMD can participate, a virtual moderator will complete the survey on behalf of participants. Participants are encouraged to provide confirmation of diagnosis for which we will provide an additional $50.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with advanced dry AMD and is interested in participating, or who would like more information about the study, may contact Bryan at [email protected].