Possible Cause of Charles Bonnet Syndrome Discovered

Researchers at the University of Queensland have found an association between Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) and abnormally heightened activity in the visual cortex of the brain. The findings were published October 25, 2018 in the journal Current Biology. According to the researchers, up to 40% of people with loss of vision experience hallucinations, which are [Read More]

Primary Care Physicians Are Neglecting Vision

A report from the National Poll on Healthy Aging reveals that more than half of older patients surveyed said their primary care providers have not asked them about their vision. Considering the number of ailments that can affect the aging population, vision is unfortunately often overlooked. This is concerning, since the incidence of age-related macular [Read More]

FTC Stops Deceptive Claims About Stem Cell Therapy

California companies lacked scientific evidence that their “amniotic stem cell therapy” could treat or cure macular degeneration and other serious diseases. A California-based physician and the two companies he controls have settled charges of deceptively advertising that “amniotic stem cell therapy” can treat serious diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, autism, macular degeneration, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, [Read More]

Doomed Dreams

There I am, running on a field Touching three bases and arriving home Hearing the fans celebrate And the singing truck giving away ice cream cones My family and friends smiling at their All-star, so very proud After nine innings, I head to Buck Boone Road Things like this, I could never give up There [Read More]