Broken Eyes

I live in a world without readable signs,
No faces with features, or even straight lines.
Things taken for granted, once seen clear as day,
Now shrouded forever in layers of gray.

As if once removed, life is now passing by,
Viewed as it is from the corner of my eye.
Like all that’s around me has been re-arranged,
But it isn’t the world, it’s I who have changed.

The sun’s magic remains, at dusk and at dawn,
But it’s just not the same, with it’s center gone.
Once transfixed by its colors, I’d sit and stare.
Now I look to the side, and just know it’s there,

If I could be spared just one gift for a while,
I’d choose to be touched by the warmth of a smile.
To be given the chance to stand face to face,
And look into one’s eyes, and not empty space.

With technology’s tools, I will persevere,
And as time’s gone by, I’ve overcome my fear.
But the detail of things, wherein beauty lies,
Still remains out of reach, of these broken eyes