Encapsulated Cell Technology Could Replace Injections in Wet AMD Patients

Neurotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced on March 30, 2015 that the FDA has approved a Phase 2 clinical study of NT-503 Encapsulated Cell Therapy (ECT) for the treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
ECT is an intravitreal implant that is genetically engineered to produce the biologic anti-VEGF drug NT-503 for at least 2 years. ECT, therefore, acts like a miniature factory for production and distribution of antiangiogenic and anti-inflammatory drugs in AMD patients long-term without the burden and risks of frequent injections.
The study will commence immediately and enroll 150 patients.  The safety and efficacy of one NT-503 ECT implant will be compared to Eylea injections every 8 weeks in patients who have been treated with at least 3 anti-VEGF injections and still have active disease.  Patients will be followed for 2 years with a 12-month interim assessment.
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