Finally, A Promising Breakthrough For Dry AMD

Genentech, Inc., a leading pharmaceutical developer, is currently conducting two phase III trials studying the drug lampalizumab as a potential treatment for advanced dry macular degeneration, also known as geographic atrophy (GA). Patients who have been diagnosed with GA are encouraged to participate in the trials, which are being conducted at hundreds of locations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, and Australia.
If lampalizumab continues to show success, this could be a major breakthrough for GA patients, for whom there has been no previous treatment. The Phase 2 study showed a 20.4 percent reduction in progression of advanced GA at 18 months. The drug works by inhibiting Complement Factor D, a protein that is best known for its role in reducing infection.
Currently, two clinical research studies (Chroma and Spectri) are recruiting patients. Both studies, which are identical, are comparing lampalizumab with a placebo. 936 people are expected to participate for a study period of approximately two years.
For easy-to-understand information about lampalizumab, geographic atrophy, trial locations, and how to participate, see . Information is also available at (identifier #NCT02288559 )