New Sustained Delivery Method for Lucentis

Genentech, Inc. is testing a less-invasive method of delivery of their anti-VEGF drug Lucentis into the eyes of patients with wet AMD. Currently, anti-VEGF treatments require regular monthly or bi-monthly injections into the back of the eye, which can be taxing on patients’ time and stress level.
The new method utilizes a timed release capsule implanted into the eye, with a port to the exterior of the eyeball through which the drug is refreshed as needed. This sustained delivery method could extend the time between clinic visits by many months, greatly reducing the burden of frequent injections.
The Phase II clinical study is currently recruiting patients at 52 sites across the United States. For information about these sites and the criteria for participating, enter Identifier #NCT02510794 at clinical, or call 888-662-6728.