New Treatment for Dry AMD Using HuCNS Stem Cells

by Dan Roberts
February 2, 2012
StemCells, Inc. announced on February 2, 2012 that the FDA has authorized a Phase I/II clinical trial of a new method using stem cells from the brain to prevent degeneration of the macula in dry AMD patients. Purified human neural stem cells (HuCNS-SC) will be administered by a single injection into the space beneath the retina. Patients’ vision will be evaluated over a one-year period, then followed for an additional four years in a separate observational study.
Preclinical data submitted by the Company demonstrated that HuCNS-SC transplants significantly protect against the degeneration of the existing photoreceptors. Moreover, the number of cone photoreceptors (responsible for central vision) remains constant over an extended period. This approach is expected to offer a safe, effective and simple treatment that differs from approaches that aim to replace the sight cells.
An abstract of the Company’s preclinical data is available online.