Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS)

by Dan Roberts September 2004 This syndrome is characterized by visual hallucinations in people who have a sudden change in vision such as that brought on by macular degeneration. Named after the man who first described it in 1780, it was later defined as “persistent or recurrent visual pseudohallucinatory phenomena of a pleasant or neutral [Read More]

Saving Lives: The Impact of Vision Loss in Later Life

by Lylas G. Mogk, M.D. & Marja Mogk Presented by Dr. Mogk at the Pfizer Ophthalmology Therapeutic Area Conference March 25, 2004 I. Introduction Every year Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) causes more than 200,000 Americans to lose their central vision, and many more are already living with vision loss. In fact, macular degeneration alone has [Read More]