Implantable Miniature Telescope (IMT) For AMD and Stargardt's Disease

by Dan Roberts (Updated: June 5, 2012) The IMT is a micro-sized precision telescope, about the size of a pea, that is implanted in one eye in an outpatient surgical procedure conducted under local anesthesia. The IMT provides magnification of 3.0X or 2.2X, depending on the IMT model used. A magnified image is projected over [Read More]

Summary of Research and Developments in Macular Degeneration, 2011-2012

by Dan Roberts June 2012 Introduction Here is MD Support’s summary of the the past twelve months of significant research and development in the field of macular degeneration. We begin with the field that has been making the most news: pharmacology. _______________________________ PHARMACOLOGY SEP: Infection Risk From Repackaged Avastin The big pharmaceutical news of the [Read More]

Summary of Research and Developments in Macular Degeneration, 2010-2011

by Dan Roberts June 19, 2011 Introduction Since 2006, I have done my best to condense the high points of the previous year’s macular degeneration research into a single report that is concise and understandable for the layperson. I do so, because I understand first hand how important it is to be aware of everything [Read More]

Summary of Research and Developments in Macular Degeneration: 2009-2010

by Dan Roberts June 10, 2010 Introduction If I were to describe the past twelve months in a word, it would be “progress.” No spectacular breakthroughs have occurred during that time to make big news in the AMD world, but a lot of persistent work has been reaping promising results. moving us ever closer to [Read More]

Lipschitz Macular Implant Allows Bilateral Magnification of Vision

On June 17, 2009, OptoLight Vision Technology announced that it received a CE mark for its Lipshitz Macular Implant (LMI), named for its inventor, Isaac Lipshitz. This will allow OptoLight to immediately begin marketing the implant in Europe and other markets outside of the United States. On December 28, 2007, Optolight Vision Technology announced success [Read More]