All About Magnifiers for AMD

by Joe Fontenot, MD, CLVT Medical Director Community Services for Vision Rehabilitation 600 BelAir Blvd. Mobile AL 36606 Reprinted with permission from The Magnifier – Issue #90, Jan – Mar 2013, MD Foundation   Almost all people with macular degeneration do see better if things are larger or closer, and magnifiers make things seem larger [Read More]

Descriptions of Low Vision Magnifiers

Device Description Advantages Disadvantages Hand-held magnifier “Sherlock Holmes” type portable magnifying glass. Small and inexpensive. Available in a wide range of powers (1.5X – 8X). Socially-accepted. Leaves only one hand free. Difficult to keep in focus if hand trembles. Clamps with flexible arms are available for attaching to table tops. Illuminated hand-held magnifier Portable lens [Read More]