Summary of Research and Developments in Macular Degeneration, 2012-2013

by Dan Roberts June 2013 INTRODUCTION This is a summary of reports about significant research and development in the field of macular degeneration and related diseases presented since June 2012 and May 2013. I will briefly describe the conclusions of 77 studies that have been presented in the areas of therapy, prevention, technology, nutrition and [Read More]

Degenerative Myopia: a Review of its Nature and Current Treatment

by Brian Ward, Ph.D., M.D. December 2011 Degenerative myopia deserves our recognition as one of the truly neglected areas of ophthalmology. It is reported to be the seventh ranking cause of legal blindness in the United Sates of America the fourth ranking cause in Hong Kong and the second in parts of China and Japan. [Read More]