Support Groups Can Improve Quality of Life

by Dan Roberts Researchers have found that facilitated patient support groups can significantly improve visual quality of life (VQoL) for visually impaired people. Twenty-nine groups of up to six patients each were recruited for participation in a “peer group emotional support service” facilitated by trained counselors for a period of six months. Their responses to [Read More]

Pearls from Recent Studies on Low Vision Rehabilitation and Psychosocial Issues

Research of interest to the AMD Community as presented at Vision 2008, Montreal, Canada Selected and Summarized by Dan Roberts, Director, MD Support These findings are derived by the referenced authors based solely upon the results of their respective studies. In every case, more research is recommended before final conclusions can be drawn. Pearl #1. [Read More]

Descriptive Terminology for Macular Degeneration

by Dan Roberts Originally published July 2004 By their choice of words, eye care professionals, public relations writers and media reporters hold the power to influence the psychological impact of macular degeneration on newly-diagnosed patients. This article attempts to bring awareness of terminology that is both accurate and sensitive to patient welfare, thereby establishing a [Read More]