Visual Field Grid

The Visual Field Grid was designed to allow you to map the scotomas (blind spots) in your central vision. It is easy to do, and it can be used to either monitor your own own progress or to explain your vision to others.
To map your visual field, print this page and follow the steps listed. If your print copy is too small, you may enlarge it to any size without affecting the results.

visual field grid

NAME: _______________________ DATE: ______ EYE: ___


1. While gazing at the target in the center of the grid, close one eye and move forward until one of the oval spots disappears. (This is your natural blind spot.)

2. While maintaining that distance and keeping your eye closed, make note of those squares in which the numbers are visible. IMPORTANT: This is not an acuity test. You do not have to be able to identify the number peripherally, and it does not matter if it is out of focus. If you are doing this alone, you may need to look away from the center in order to recognize it and write it down.

3. When all numbers have been listed, darken in those squares which are NOT VISIBLE, including the white outlines within the blind area/s.

4. OPTIONAL: Circle the letter above the vertical line on either side of center which is DISTORTED and FURTHEST from the center as you gaze at the target.

5. Using a second copy of the grid, repeat for the other eye.