How well are you adapting to visual impairment?

How can you tell if you are adapting as well as possible to the most important facets of your everyday life?  A new self-survey is helping visually impaired and blind individuals score how well they are adapting. It is similar to a needs assessment questionnaire used by rehabilitation specialists, but it is designed for self- [Read More]

“Lookout” app now available for all Android devices

We reported here in March 2019 that Google had created a new Android app called Lookout to help the visually impaired. Similar to Microsoft’s Seeing AI for Apple devices, the application uses artificial intelligence (AI) combined with Talk Back to identify objects, read text, scan barcodes, and identify currencies. At that time, Lookout was available only for Google’s [Read More]

Vision loss influences sound perception

People with severe vision loss can less accurately judge the distance of nearby sounds, potentially putting them more at risk of injury, according to new research published in the journal Scientific Reports. Researchers from Anglia Ruskin University’s Vision and Eye Research Institute (VERI) tested participants with different levels of vision loss, presenting them with speech, music [Read More]