Free Updated “GuideMe” Book for AMD Now Online

Similar to a practicing low vision therapist, the GuideMe Book for age-related macular degeneration gathers personal information from the client, then offers guidance and resources unique to the client’s personal needs and goals. Prevent Blindness, a patient advocacy organization preserving vision and eye health for more than 115 years, continues to give the gift of [Read More]

Rising Above COVID19 Depression

Prevalence of all forms of depression during the COVID19 pandemic was found to be 20% in a study population of 113,285 individuals.(1) Not unexpectedly, this is higher than the pre-pandemic rate. Compounded with already high levels of depression among those who are socially isolated due to visual impairment (2), this gives cause for increased concern [Read More]

A Self-Help Guide to Non-Visual Skills

If you are in the intermediate to late stage of vision loss, you may be considering making the transition from visual to nonvisual practices in some of your daily activities. Low vision rehabilitation is designed to address those challenges, but if such services are unavailable to you, this guide may be helpful. Twenty-one categories of [Read More]

How well are you adapting to visual impairment?

How can you tell if you are adapting as well as possible to the most important facets of your everyday life?  A new self-survey is helping visually impaired and blind individuals score how well they are adapting. It is similar to a needs assessment questionnaire used by rehabilitation specialists, but it is designed for self- [Read More]