How well are you adapting to visual impairment?

How can you tell if you are adapting as well as possible to the most important facets of your everyday life? 

A new self-survey is helping visually impaired and blind individuals score how well they are adapting. It is similar to a needs assessment questionnaire used by rehabilitation specialists, but it is designed for self- analysis at home. Individuals with corrected bilateral visual acuity of 20/70 or worse will benefit the most.

53 questions were drawn from the most significant everyday living issues faced by visually impaired individuals. Simple yes-or-no answers result in a score analysis that helps respondents understand what they can do to maximize their adaptability to vision loss. Toward that end, most questions are followed by links to helpful resources. The survey may be taken online or it may be printed out, and the responses are totally private.

According to Dan Roberts, Director of MD Support and developer of the survey, “We have little choice when it comes to vision loss, but we do have good opportunities to help us adapt to it. I hope this will offer visually impaired individuals comfort in the knowledge that all possibilities for successful self-maintenance are being addressed, or that it will encourage them to initiate ways to make their lives easier.”

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Download the printable PDF format (13 pages)