A person with RP Can know you are there but have no idea who you are Can watch a movie but miss all the full screen action, any dim scenes, and all the subtitles Can see the sky but not the stars Can read a book but can’t find the book Can paint the entire [Read More]

The Encounter

Standing alone, I sip my drink, People around, I try to think, No need for panic, some are friends, But can I find them, that depends. To find someone, I have to be, Somewhere where someone can see me. For otherwise I’ll pass them by, Their face escaping from my eye. I wait and soon [Read More]

My Blue Eyes

My blue eyes open now just as they always did, But rather than pure sunlight, I see a cloud instead. The sunlight still warms me and always lights my way, But the cloud in the center turns faces gray. The objects that I look at are becoming unclear, And memories of sharp vision are becoming [Read More]

Broken Eyes

I live in a world without readable signs, No faces with features, or even straight lines. Things taken for granted, once seen clear as day, Now shrouded forever in layers of gray. As if once removed, life is now passing by, Viewed as it is from the corner of my eye. Like all that’s around [Read More]

Free Updated “GuideMe” Book for AMD Now Online

Similar to a practicing low vision therapist, the GuideMe Book for age-related macular degeneration gathers personal information from the client, then offers guidance and resources unique to the client’s personal needs and goals. Prevent Blindness, a patient advocacy organization preserving vision and eye health for more than 115 years, continues to give the gift of [Read More]