Blessings On My Path

by Beverly Castellini Submitted by Mike Goldberg Rehabilitation Counselor Vermont Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired Beverly is a sixty-nine year old woman who now lives in the family homestead in Hartland, Vermont. In the mid 1960’s, she and her husband, George, built their home on property which her ancestors purchased in this rural [Read More]

A Beautiful Place To Be

by Tabby Among cherished hobbies and interests, I hold particularly dear my ability to make people’s heads vanish. I intend this statement in the least metaphorical sense possible, because encroaching blindness has given me superpowers. With a simple redirection of my blind spots, a stained shirt is rendered clean; a dinner bill is reduced by [Read More]

The 5 Stages of MD Grief

by Irving Faust Denial Fear, Loss No! Never! Impossible! This Cannot Be Happening Help! Anger Rage, Fury Screaming, Crying, Cringing I Am So Frightened Depression Negotiation Bargain, Plead Begging, Dealing, Promising, What Can I Do? Compromise Resignation Helpless, Hopeless Acquiescing, Surrendering, Yielding I Can Do Nothing Submission Acceptance Confirmation, Approval Acknowledging, Agreeing, Understanding Life Continues [Read More]

A Beautiful Day

The day started out rotten. I overslept and was late for work. Everything that happened at the office contributed to my nervous frenzy. By the time I reached the bus stop for my homeward trip, my stomach was one big knot. As usual, the bus was late – and jammed. I had to stand in [Read More]