The 5 Stages of MD Grief

by Irving Faust Denial Fear, Loss No! Never! Impossible! This Cannot Be Happening Help! Anger Rage, Fury Screaming, Crying, Cringing I Am So Frightened Depression Negotiation Bargain, Plead Begging, Dealing, Promising, What Can I Do? Compromise Resignation Helpless, Hopeless Acquiescing, Surrendering, Yielding I Can Do Nothing Submission Acceptance Confirmation, Approval Acknowledging, Agreeing, Understanding Life Continues [Read More]

A Beautiful Day

The day started out rotten. I overslept and was late for work. Everything that happened at the office contributed to my nervous frenzy. By the time I reached the bus stop for my homeward trip, my stomach was one big knot. As usual, the bus was late – and jammed. I had to stand in [Read More]

Thoughts For The Night

by Sharon Chism For every star left dim a universe of courage has been lit. For every knowing glance that’s missed, a heart of insight enjoyed. Each temptation of independence thwarted a freedom given, uncorrupted. And for every tear that’s shed, a well of compassion filled. The isolation of faceless crowds calls the deep ache [Read More]

A Parable of Vision

by Dan Roberts And God created light, So Mankind could view the colors of Earth. Then Satan created ultraviolet rays, And Mankind covered his eyes. And God created a bounty of fruits and vegetables, For the better sight of Mankind. Then Satan created tobacco, And Mankind inhaled. And God created intelligence, So Mankind could build [Read More]

The Encounter

Standing alone, I sip my drink, People around, I try to think, No need for panic, some are friends, But can I find them, that depends. To find someone, I have to be, Somewhere where someone can see me. For otherwise I’ll pass them by, Their face escaping from my eye. I wait and soon [Read More]