Summary of Research and Developments in Macular Degeneration: 2006-2007

by Dan Roberts This is a summary of all major research and developments pertinent to macular degeneration that occurred between mid-May 2006 and mid-May 2007. It is organized by month of occurence under the subsets “Pharmacology,” “Surgery,” “Nutrition” and/or “Miscellaneous.” The final section, “The Future,” summarizes work in progress that may lead to promising developments [Read More]

Discovery of HTRA1 Gene Provides Potential Marker for AMD

by Dan Roberts October 2006 The protein Complement Factor H (CFH) has previously been found to play a role in the development of soft confluent drusen leading to AMD (see “CFH and CFB Proteins May Lead to AMD”). CFH has implicated inflammation as part of the AMD pathogenesis, and now, discovery of a new gene [Read More]