A Safer Way to Treat SAD

by Richard L. Hansler, Ph.D. (Director, Lighting Innovations Institute, John Carroll University. Executive Director, Light and Health Foundation.) Originally published January 2007 The broadly accepted method of treating Seasonally Affective Disorder (SAD) is exposure to light in the early morning. The mechanism by which this improves mood is not well understood despite many studies. There [Read More]

Depression and Macular Degeneration

from Macular Degeneration–The Complete Guide To Saving And Maximizing Your Sight by Lylas G. Mogk, M.D. and Marja Mogk (Originally published September 2004. Reprinted with permission) Many people who lose vision go through a short period of mild depression as they grieve their loss and adjust their lives. But many others experi ence prolonged periods of [Read More]