Artificial Lighting and the Blue Light Hazard

(The Facts About Lighting and Vision) by Dan Roberts, Founding Director Macular Degeneration Support Originally published on MDSupport, updated October 3, 2011) Contents Introduction What Is Light? The Blue Light Hazard Terms Referring to Measurement of Light Types of Lamps The Problem With Full-Spectrum Lamps Market Survey Summary Discussion Safe Options Live Comparison of Representative [Read More]

Stargardt’s Patients Need Special Light Protection

by Robert Hammer, B. Optom. January 2002 The gene for Stargardt’s disease has been identified (Allikmet et al.’97 Nat. Gen. 15:236-246). The faulty gene fails to code for a protein which is present in rod outer segments only (has not been found in cones, pigment epithelium or anywhere else in the body). This protein was [Read More]