Artificial Lighting and the Blue Light Hazard

(The Facts About Lighting and Vision) by Dan Roberts, Founding Director Macular Degeneration Support Originally published on MDSupport, updated October 3, 2011) Contents Introduction What Is Light? The Blue Light Hazard Terms Referring to Measurement of Light Types of Lamps The Problem With Full-Spectrum Lamps Market Survey Summary Discussion Safe Options Live Comparison of Representative [Read More]

Driving Safely

by Edward J. Huggett, O.D. (Originally published August 2009) I am often asked, “How long is it safe to drive when your vision is deteriorating?” There are three visual factors that are important to consider when it comes to driving. Visual acuity (VA), visual field (VF) and contrast sensitivity (CS). There are others I will [Read More]

Color Perception and Macular Degeneration

Originally published November 2007 People with macular degeneration gradually lose their color perception. This is because the photoreceptor cone cells, which are most dense in the macula, are responsible for color vision. The rod cells, which proliferate in the peripheral field, provide only black and shades of gray. Color is interpreted by the brain. The [Read More]