What to Expect From a Low Vision Specialist

Definition of Low Vision Low vision is defined as an impairment of sight which cannot be adequately corrected with pharmaceutical or surgical interventions, conventional prescription eyewear, or contact lenses. The patient usually presents with a loss of visual field, loss of light sensitivity, distortion, loss of color vision, or loss of contrast. Low vision varies [Read More]

Stargardt's Patients Need Special Light Protection

by Robert Hammer, B. Optom. January 2002 The gene for Stargardt’s disease has been identified (Allikmet et al.’97 Nat. Gen. 15:236-246). The faulty gene fails to code for a protein which is present in rod outer segments only (has not been found in cones, pigment epithelium or anywhere else in the body). This protein was [Read More]

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

How To Avoid Charity Rip-offs by Dan Roberts 2001 Wherever you find people who are affected by incurable diseases, you will find others trying to relieve them of their money. Often hiding under the guise of nonprofit charitable organizations and carefully following all of the requirements imposed by law, they present a facade of benevolence, [Read More]

Doctors Don’t Like Talking to Patients

An editorial by Frank J. Weinstock, M.D., F.A.C.S. Reprinted with permission from Opthalmology Management (May 1999) If you’re frustrated by your doctor’s lack of social skills, you’re not alone. It’s a problem common enough that doctors themselves sometimes have to remind one another of the importance of good communication with their patients. Here is an [Read More]